The Trouble With “Yes”




Sometimes in life saying ‘yes’ to everything that comes your way can take you to incredible places.  Alternatively, sometimes in life saying ‘yes’ to everything results in you never really doing anything well.

It’s the same in business.  Particularly when you’re new on the scene and wanting to go the extra mile to win the first deal, appease the first client, turn the first leaver around.  ‘Yes’ to everything can take you to incredible places in business.  It can also take you places that your business can in no possible way sustain.

Knowing in business what you won’t do is every bit as valuable as knowing what you will.  Understanding the boundaries of where you want to explore as a team and as a business leaves you free to really exceed in the areas you’ve decided to own.  Remember, the goal is to build the right business for you, not to appease all the requests of all the customers.

Just say ‘no’ nicely and explain why.  Some if not most will even appreciate that your decisions are all to make their product or service that much more of value, for them.


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