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The Joys and Horrors of Magnesium

Today’s post I am dedicating to my husband, who paid dearly for my experimenting with a Magnesium Flush a few years back.  Following on from my BulletProof Coffee series I thought I’d share with you an old lesson and a recent discovery involving magnesium.

Having been on a holiday back to my native land of Canada, by the end of our food-laden trip we were both feeling rather ‘full’.  I’ll leave it there.  I’d  read online about an magnesium salt flush (using epsom salts), and I thought this sounded like a great way of ‘refreshing’ ourselves before the long flight back to London.


Magnesium Flush

For  me, this worked fine.  For my husband, not so much.  The time grew near to head to the ferry (yep, we had to get a ferry to the mainland to fly out) and still nothing.  We packed our bags and headed to the car, with my poor self-testing victim growing increasingly nervous.  We headed out, and enroute the earth began to move.  It was a race against time to the ferry, and upon arriving at the loading bays my now-green husband took off running.

So – magnesium flushes work but are incredibly harsh so I personally have not tried this again.  I did recommend it to someone recently though as a final measure who didn’t take me at my word and tripled the dose.  I’ll not expose him by pasting the Facebook feed here, but it was hilarious.  And gross.

On the other hand, Natural Calm is my new best friend – and my husband’s believe it or not.

A tablespoon of this stuff before bed in a glass of water makes us sleep better and wake more rested.  It’s great for easing sore muscles, reducing stress, and yes – it has a much more gentle means than the magnesium flush.

So if you’re excited by the full life you lead and struggling to ‘switch off’ at night, or with the somewhat indulgent season of Christmas are feeling a little ‘full’ – check magnesium powder out.