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Liver Flush – Not for the Faint Hearted!

Liver Flush


I’ll start this post with the disclaimer that even reading about a liver flush is not for the fainthearted!!  And these are not my gall stones – although mine were as big – as I felt that would be one step further than I wanted to go in this post.  But of course, I do have photos and my husband received them all by text, which in hindsight was probably not the most helpful thing for the meetings he was in in London at the time.

Anyway – I’m back.  It’s been a while!  I started a new role at BrightEdge in November, and have been lost in the throes of SEO and a ridiculously fast growing technology company ever since.  My ability to set time aside and blog has been lacking, though I have of course been forging ahead in the experiments and self testing, so there are more where this post came from!

The liver flush was something I came across after reading some of BulletProof’s Dave Asprey’s posts, and seemed too intriguing to not try.  The day I started my first flush I received my DNA test results back from 23andme.com and found that my greatest risk is of gallbladder stones, so this liver flush seemed incredibly timely.  Heralded as the only way to get gall stones out of the liver without surgery, and a means of greatly improving the function of the liver, I was curious to try the flush out.  You’re pretty much out for the count from 6pm the night of until mid-afternoon the following day, so I took advantage of my husband’s time back in the UK to try the flush out.

One thing I must point out that I discovered since is that stones formed inside intrahepatic bile ducts (bile ducts inside liver) are referred to as “intrahepatic stones” rather than gallstones. “Gallstones” and “Intrahepatic” stones might be identical by consistency, but it’s the place where they are found that determines the name, not the consistency itself.  So, you can not cleanse the liver of gallstones, you can only cleanse the liver of “intrahepatic stones”

I’m not going to lie, the stuff you drink tastes like death. First you drink Epsom/Magnesium salts and water, and then this olive oil and lemon juice blend, right before bed.  But the whole thing takes less than 24 hours, and is a much better option than some of the 7-day liver cleanses with supplements that I’ve done before, that basically make you poop yourself for 7 days.

And the stones that come out are crazy!  I’m not going to go in to detail but you can always reach out and ask me questions, or consult Dr Google for others who are more blatant than I with their experiences.  All I will say is that your liver is your largest organ, it gets stones, and some of mine were as big as the ones in the image above.  Yuck.

If you’re keen to know more or give a liver flush a try check out Dave and Lana Asprey’s one-pager, or go to Dr Hulda (who invented the cleanse) herself here.  What I can say from this experience is that my upper back pain has significantly reduced, my liver has improved in blood tests taken since, and I feel great for it.