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Brands – Are You Listening?

Brands – if anyone has heard about you, then people are talking about you.  Are you listening?

This week, I had a bad experience with Specsavers that they handled really well.  Whenever I am treated poorly by or rudely by a brand I will tweet a mention of the experience once to see if the brand is listening.  More often than not, no one is listening. In this case though, Specsavers was.

I received a tweet back (albeit 24 hours later) asking me to DM them my details for the customer care to look in to.   I had to respond letting them know I can’t direct message them until they are following me, but eventually we got there.  It seems listening is a newer discipline for Specsavers but I was really impressed that they were making a concerted effort.

In this day and age listening to what people are saying about your brand is not rocket science.   Whether you monitor it on a very basic level using HootSuite or a similar free tool, or whether you invest in a more intelligent tool such as Radian6, you need to be listening.  In a world of abundance and thousands of options for just about anything, if you’re not listening you can bet your competitors are.