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Confessions Of A Serial Health Fanatic

Health Fanatic

I, am a serial health fanatic.  There, I said it.

My husband, is the victim of a serial health fanatic.  The latest food trends, the latest exercise trends (power plate, bikram yoga, P90x to name a few) the latest clothing that makes you sweat and burn up energy faster than you ever thought possible!!!!  and so on.

Ironically, I never seem to really benefit for long.  The amazing effects of the latest diet means that once I’ve reached my target weight I can head back to gigantic 4-person-size chocolate bars, the super-tight muscles from my latest fitness freak out mean I can definitely chill out for a while, the hot pants actually swoosh when I walk and sounds like diapers…. you get the drift.

I do question that if I never did any of this, would life be any different?

Yes it would.  For my husband.

Sorry babe.