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The Monkey And The Peanut

Ever heard how to catch a monkey?

Apparently it’s easy.  Hollow out one end of a coconut and put peanuts inside. Attach a string to the other end of the coconut.

The monkey puts his hand in the coconut and when he makes a fist to grab the peanuts, he’s trapped.

Sound familiar?

Monkeys are bright animals.  You and I are fairly bright.  So why do we cling so tightly to things that could potentially destroy us?

The sales opportunity that you know you are sacrificing your soul for.  The employee who is destroying all sense of team in your organisation but ‘man do they deliver’.  The season of your life that you know full well is over but can’t quite let go of.

Why do we cling so tightly to what we have?  Fear I guess.  That our glory days are behind us, that more won’t come, that” if I give you this there won’t be enough for me”.

Ironically it’s letting go that moves us forward, giving that reaps reward, and generosity that opens doors and builds businesses.

Take a risk – let go of the peanut.