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Creativity Vacuums

I have not blogged for a long, long time.

Currently in a move to distance myself from all blame of procrastination, I am blaming my inability to write on the fact that my job is consuming all of my creative thought.  I have a theory around creativity and seasons… this season, according to my theory, is not good for music or blogging, apparently.

That said – I’m back with tons to blog on as a result of all the creativity that has gone in to the business I’m a part of.   New business theories, lessons, screw-ups, genius moments and other insights to impart.

But for now – Happy New Year!!  Today also marks my one year anniversary of being married to the best thing since sliced bread.  Lots of lessons there too… mainly in how not to be a pain in the ass.

Watch this space…


Migrating South

Turns out that migrating your site from one host to another is not very straightforward.  Apologies for the site being down yesterday! My migration went south.

It also turns out that not all themes available in WordPress blogger are still available in WordPress once no longer in blogger.  Apologies for the mass identity-crisis as I tried a number of themes  in an attempt to find something similar, warm and personal to me.  Not so easy.

What not to do?  Don’t try this at home would be my suggestion if you’re new to the world of hosting, unless like me you work in a digital agency full of people who this is easy for (thanks Di).  If you’re serious, spend the money having someone design the blog as well for you (I’m obviously working very hard towards being serious 😉 to avoid the schizophrenic theme-changing.

But, I’m having fun.  And I’m learning.  And hopefully saving someone somewhere a massive headache.