Season End

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Ends of seasons are always the most tricky for me.

The last time I was in a situation similar to the one I’m in now I handled it with the delicacy of a tornado in a small town.  Knowing it was time to leave London for a season- which meant my job, my flat, the teams I was on, my friendships – I decided to quit everything in one overly-emotional whirlwind.  Not dissimilar to a small child throwing their toys out of the pram.  Not surprisingly, the results were fairly disastrous.  Not to mention the huge amount of respect and reputation lost as a result of leaving badly.

The beginning of a season for me is always the most thrilling.  New everything.  Scary and fun.  The middle of seasons are pretty good too… when you’re confidently comfortable, cruising, still being challenged but you know it’s within your stride, even if you have to run a little.

Then comes the end.  Not thrilling, not new, not scary or fun.  Well maybe sometimes scary.  But how you handle this season is the imprint you will leave in the minds of everyone surrounding you in this season.   A belly-flop ending can negate the most positive of successes.

Ending well is subjective.  To me, it’s taking the time to honour those who have given you the opportunities, the support, the leadership and the friendship in the current season.  Regardless of how exciting the next season looks, staying 100% committed to the ‘now’ until your season ends is always worth it.  This time I’ve done it a whole lot better.  This time I’ll take friends with me from this season and not leave chaos in my wake.

This has been a great season end.

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  2. Julia M. on January 12, 2011 at 5:50 pm said:

    Great writing, Sherrod.

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