Admittedly,  I haven’t blogged in a while.

One thing that I’ve found rather tricky in writing about what not to do is when the lessons some are learning are at a company you are close to and obvious ties can be drawn.  Maybe in the months and years to come I can begin to revisit some of the lessons I’ve learned over the past season in a more anonymous way.  Lessons a lot of us have learned, alignment of vision, along with changes in the market and a whole heap of other factors that have led us to where we are now.  For one company my husband is consulting for that ‘where’ is a pivot.

Pivots are exciting.  For those of you not familiar with the term Eric Reis, author of The Lean Startup is often credited with coining this term and describes it as “the idea that successful startups change directions but stay grounded in what they’ve learned. They keep one foot in the past and place one foot in a new possible future. Over time, this pivoting may lead them far afield from their original vision, but if you look carefully, you’ll be able to detect common threads that link each iteration“.  (Eric Reis, Startup Lessons Learned, June 2009)

Some of my favourite pivots are:

YouTube:   previously a dating site

Flickr:        previously a role-playing game

Groupon:   previously a web community for mobilizing social actions     (downhill pivot? lesser moral purpose anyway…)

There are heaps but these are just a few fun examples.  A pivot isn’t only just from one purpose or customer problem to another though.  Forbes describes well the 8 most recognised pivots so I won’t reinvent the wheel.

If you haven’t read up yet on pivots and your business is in great need of change maybe now is the time.  To sum it up… don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.



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