People: Your Greatest Asset

It’s easy to get so focused on the task that you can’t see the woods for the trees.

I’m learning to stop, breathe and ask the person just arriving in to the office Monday morning ‘how their weekend was?’ even though my task list and meeting agenda are both screaming at me for my undivided attention.  I’m learning that you don’t build a business on completed task lists and a record in meetings held.

John Maxwell once famously quoted “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”.  People don’t give their all, go the extra mile, work passionately and with integrity for a leader or a business that doesn’t give a rip about their weekend.  Or their new boyfriend. Or anything else that matters to them.

Deciding to spend 15 (whole!) minutes each day asking some of my team about their evenings, their holiday plans, their new engagements has done more than just give value to my team.  It’s given me an insight in to them, them as people, not just employees.   The people are the ones who will get stuck in with me when the times get tough, when we’re out of ideas and time, when we’re down to our last option and it doesn’t look good.  The people are the ones who buy in to the vision, believe we can do it, and give their all to make it happen.  Nameless employees, on the other hand, arrive on the dot, leave on the dot, have their complete 60 minutes for lunch, do what is required and nothing more, never dream, never take risks, never become key players.

Amazing what can happen when you realise people are your greatest asset.

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