Intermittent Fasting and BulletProof

Intermittent Fasting and BulletProof
So for those of you that have been following my merciless pursuit of losing the last 5 pounds after a fairly tumultuous first couple years in the US – I’ve done it!!. I’m not skinny, my body-fat percentage at a guess is probably about 23%, but I’m back to the size that I’m comfortable with an my clothes all fit again.

My final break-through discovery was old fashioned intermittent fasting, following listening to a podcast from Eat-Stop-Eat‘s Brandon Pilot. I have been doing IF but using BulletProof coffee for some time now, but have found a middle ground that works for me. I have moved to an 8-hour ‘feeding window’, making sure to stop eating/drinking anything other than water and herbal tea after 8pm, and not having my first meal until noon the next day. When I wake up I’ll have a black coffee, and then at around 10am when I start to feel really hungry, I’ll have a coffee or a green tea with MCT oil. I’ve also started ensuring that I take Betaine HCL & Pepsin with my MCT Oil, as well as with each of my meals, to help me digest the fats better.

And it worked! On days I’m careful about carbs I’m really not that hungry the next morning as my blood sugar is more stable, and on days after I’ve had white potato or something more carby I sometimes have to have my MCT oil a little earlier as I tend to feel a lot more hungry on these days.

I have tons of energy, my sleep is good (or so my UP 24 by Jawbone tells me), and all my old pairs of jeans fit again. Oh – and I’m exercising a lot less intensely. 2 x sprint sessions per week, a reformer pilates, a yoga.. and maybe a sneaky quick weights session.

For the first time in a long while I’m satisfied with my body. It’s not perfect, I have lumps and bumps, but I wake up feeling full of life each day, and I like my curvy shape. At last – I’ve found a lifestyle that works for me.

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