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Ode To Those That Were Never Sure

To all those that were never sure

To those that were waiting with bated breath to see if I would fail

To the past that is firmly behind me

To the mistakes I’ve made – and thankfully learned from

To being single

To having lots of space and free time 😉

To all that comes to an end when I marry the man of my dreams:

The 5 Love Languages


This week I’ve been learning about Love Languages.  If you’ve never had the chance, “5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman is worth a read.

Leo (my fiance) and I have been attending a marriage prep course for the past 4 weeks.  It’s raised a few “discussions with purposes” (previously know as domestics) since then.  All part of the learning curve : )

So my love language is quality time.  I for some reason in believing I know my other half sooo well assumed (ass out of u and me) that his was too.

Nope.  His is gifts.  I’m now racking my brains for the last time I bought him a gift –  I’ve got nothing.

Oh. Except the Christmas present that I got him last year that he promptly left on the floor and that is the source of a number of our disagreements.  Crap.

An hour later we are sitting with our completed exercise sheets on “3 ways we are going to look to show love to the other this week  in their love language” and I can see top of his list “arrange a date night” (nice – the last one he arranged was when he proposed 6 months ago).  Good call, that was definitely a “discussion with a purpose” brewing.

I then glance down at my own:

  1. Surprise Leo with a thoughtful gift  (Check – piece of cake.)
  2. Buy a thoughtful birthday present (lucky for me I needed to do that this week)
  3. Make a surprise for Leo – maybe bake something (Who am I kidding?????  When is the last time you even cooked much less baked????)

It is at this point that I realize this relationship stuff may take a little more effort….