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Friends and Business

The bad idea that working with friends can be

Friends and Business

Those who have been there are most likely to cringe at the mention of ‘friends and business’.  Or maybe you’re one of the blessed few who have embarked on this journey and survived…?

In my first real management job overseeing a team of almost 50 staff I thought it would help turn the somewhat negative atmospheric tables by bringing in 8 staff who were also people I trusted from my personal world. HUGE mistake.  Not because of my friends, but my own inability to manage friends like employees.

Ask yourself these questions when considering working with a friend:

  • Do I believe that my friend will be honest with me at all times?
  • Do I think it’s unnecessary to get all agreements in writing due to the strong relationships I have with my friend?
  • Is my friend sometimes unreliable in keeping their word? (though of course they would be different in a work environment)
  • Do I believe that love conquers all?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions I would suggest you seriously consider NOT working with your friend.

What Not To Do In Love & Business

Chief Mistake-Maker



I have a tendency to learn things the hard way.  Possibly I should give up trying to educate myself altogether and focus on making more mistakes so I’ll learn more quickly.

This blog is for all of you out there that either can learn from another’s mistakes, or who might be encouraged to know that they’re not the only one…