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Intermittent Fasting and BulletProof

Intermittent Fasting and BulletProof
So for those of you that have been following my merciless pursuit of losing the last 5 pounds after a fairly tumultuous first couple years in the US – I’ve done it!!. I’m not skinny, my body-fat percentage at a guess is probably about 23%, but I’m back to the size that I’m comfortable with an my clothes all fit again.

My final break-through discovery was old fashioned intermittent fasting, following listening to a podcast from Eat-Stop-Eat‘s Brandon Pilot. I have been doing IF but using BulletProof coffee for some time now, but have found a middle ground that works for me. I have moved to an 8-hour ‘feeding window’, making sure to stop eating/drinking anything other than water and herbal tea after 8pm, and not having my first meal until noon the next day. When I wake up I’ll have a black coffee, and then at around 10am when I start to feel really hungry, I’ll have a coffee or a green tea with MCT oil. I’ve also started ensuring that I take Betaine HCL & Pepsin with my MCT Oil, as well as with each of my meals, to help me digest the fats better.

And it worked! On days I’m careful about carbs I’m really not that hungry the next morning as my blood sugar is more stable, and on days after I’ve had white potato or something more carby I sometimes have to have my MCT oil a little earlier as I tend to feel a lot more hungry on these days.

I have tons of energy, my sleep is good (or so my UP 24 by Jawbone tells me), and all my old pairs of jeans fit again. Oh – and I’m exercising a lot less intensely. 2 x sprint sessions per week, a reformer pilates, a yoga.. and maybe a sneaky quick weights session.

For the first time in a long while I’m satisfied with my body. It’s not perfect, I have lumps and bumps, but I wake up feeling full of life each day, and I like my curvy shape. At last – I’ve found a lifestyle that works for me.

DNA Testing for Answers

dna testing

I must admit, testing my DNA felt like tempting fate. Having read a few articles on the DNA testing that is doing, I was intrigued, but concerned that it could open a door I could then never shut. Once you know you have a propensity towards Alzheimer’s, how much could fear itself of what could transpire actually quicken the onset of the very thing you fear?

There are plenty of studies that show that our thought life really does affect our bodies and our health. One of my favorite more abstract examples is Dr Masaru Emoto’s Water, Consciousness & Intent. If you haven’t seen this before, you need to. Considering our bodies are 50-65% water, you have to at least consider what our thoughts do to our health, informing what will be as we age?

All that said, I went ahead with the DNA test. After my Grandmother died of an Alzheimer’s-related fall last year, I decided that knowledge is power. Alzheimers and Parkinsons are hereditary (my Grandfather has Parkinsons), and if I was going to be at an increased risk of inheriting either of these conditions, I wanted to know, and to start making life changes and investing in research for cures now.

My results showed that I actually have a less than average risk of inheriting either Alzheimers or Parkinsons, but it did turn up some other interesting increased risks that have helped me shape how I eat and the supplementation I choose. Although I appreciate the subject is controversial, for me this test was worth the $99 and the power it has given me to make informed decisions about my own health.

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Back on the BulletProof Coffee

my morning bulletproof coffee



So I’m back on the BulletProof Coffee.

Over the past weeks and months I’ve made a discovery for myself that goes against the grain of recent studies, scientific discoveries and other far more intelligent bloggers….. calories count.   Now are all calories the same?  Of course not.  Nutrient density is a major factor, and 2000 calories in sticky buns will absolutely affect me much more adversely – with greater weight gain – than 2000 calories of nutrient dense meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds.  But… if you eat handfuls of nuts all throughout the day while on a bulletproof diet, paleo diet or anything else, my experience is that you will gain weight…. or not lose it at least.

One tool that has helped me over the last while to better understand how much energy I have been consuming over a day, and the breakdown of fat, protein and carbohydrates in my day has been MyFitness Pal.  I’m sure there are other food logging products out there, but I like this one for the integrations with other apps such as my Jawbone activity tracker, and others.  Tracking my food for a period helped me to understand that a) I was eating far too much on my ‘cheat’ weekends, and b) my carbohydrate consumption went WAY up on weekends, which is why I always felt so foggy headed on Mondays.  That and the fact that I would eat gluten on the weekends, which I now do not and can get in to another time.

I’m still figuring out what the right amount of energy and the right blend of fats to proteins to carbs is for me.  There is a great book out there called The Perfect Diet that if you’re a geek on reading up on theories like I am I would recommend, though I must admit I’ve not yet tried the suggested breakdown of 65% fat, 15% protein and 20% carbs that the book suggests.  I will, and will let you know!

So all this leads me back to my rekindled romance with BulletProof Coffee.  As a woman, this much fat felt crazy and I wasn’t losing weight after the first initial couple of days last time.  This was, as I’ve outlined here, primarily due to the ridiculous amounts of energy I was taking in in addition to the coffee and meals via snacks such as nuts.

Now, I use this coffee as a part of my intermittent fasting that I like to do on the weekends.  Week days with workouts and life I just found a bit much. My routine is my coffee and my beloved Grazia magazine from the UK that I can still get on my iPad… who I was pleasantly surprised to see covered  BulletProof Coffee last week!  If you haven’t tried it yet, I’d suggest you give it a go.  Your mental clarity will thank you.


Interested in more on my experiences as a woman with BulletProof?  Check out a post from my initial experience here: BulletProof Coffee For Chicks


Liver Flush – Not for the Faint Hearted!

Liver Flush


I’ll start this post with the disclaimer that even reading about a liver flush is not for the fainthearted!!  And these are not my gall stones – although mine were as big – as I felt that would be one step further than I wanted to go in this post.  But of course, I do have photos and my husband received them all by text, which in hindsight was probably not the most helpful thing for the meetings he was in in London at the time.

Anyway – I’m back.  It’s been a while!  I started a new role at BrightEdge in November, and have been lost in the throes of SEO and a ridiculously fast growing technology company ever since.  My ability to set time aside and blog has been lacking, though I have of course been forging ahead in the experiments and self testing, so there are more where this post came from!

The liver flush was something I came across after reading some of BulletProof’s Dave Asprey’s posts, and seemed too intriguing to not try.  The day I started my first flush I received my DNA test results back from and found that my greatest risk is of gallbladder stones, so this liver flush seemed incredibly timely.  Heralded as the only way to get gall stones out of the liver without surgery, and a means of greatly improving the function of the liver, I was curious to try the flush out.  You’re pretty much out for the count from 6pm the night of until mid-afternoon the following day, so I took advantage of my husband’s time back in the UK to try the flush out.

One thing I must point out that I discovered since is that stones formed inside intrahepatic bile ducts (bile ducts inside liver) are referred to as “intrahepatic stones” rather than gallstones. “Gallstones” and “Intrahepatic” stones might be identical by consistency, but it’s the place where they are found that determines the name, not the consistency itself.  So, you can not cleanse the liver of gallstones, you can only cleanse the liver of “intrahepatic stones”

I’m not going to lie, the stuff you drink tastes like death. First you drink Epsom/Magnesium salts and water, and then this olive oil and lemon juice blend, right before bed.  But the whole thing takes less than 24 hours, and is a much better option than some of the 7-day liver cleanses with supplements that I’ve done before, that basically make you poop yourself for 7 days.

And the stones that come out are crazy!  I’m not going to go in to detail but you can always reach out and ask me questions, or consult Dr Google for others who are more blatant than I with their experiences.  All I will say is that your liver is your largest organ, it gets stones, and some of mine were as big as the ones in the image above.  Yuck.

If you’re keen to know more or give a liver flush a try check out Dave and Lana Asprey’s one-pager, or go to Dr Hulda (who invented the cleanse) herself here.  What I can say from this experience is that my upper back pain has significantly reduced, my liver has improved in blood tests taken since, and I feel great for it.